Ricoh MP 2553 Staple Cartridge

Section - Staple Cartridge
Box Content - 1x5000
Total Box Content - 5000 Pieces
Product Dimensions (mm) - ( 27 x 36 x 26 )

Other Names
Ricoh TYPE S, 412874, 581R-AM

Fits these sorters
SR 3150

Ricoh Ricoh MP 2851, Ricoh MP 3350, Ricoh MP 3351, Ricoh MP 4001, Ricoh MP 5001, Ricoh MP C2000, Ricoh MP C2800, Ricoh MP C3000, Ricoh MP C3300, Ricoh SP C811, Ricoh SP C820, Ricoh SP C821, Ricoh MP 2352, Ricoh MP 2852, Ricoh MP 3352, Ricoh MP C3002, Ricoh MP C3502, Ricoh MP C3003, Ricoh MP C3503, Ricoh MP C4503, Ricoh MP C5503, Ricoh MP C6003, Ricoh MP 2553, Ricoh MP 2554, Ricoh MP 3053, Ricoh MP 3054, Ricoh MP 3353, Ricoh MP 3554, Ricoh MP 4054, Ricoh MP 5054, Ricoh MP 6054, Gestetner MP 5001, Gestetner MP C2000, Gestetner MP C2800, Gestetner MP C3000, Gestetner MP C3300, Gestetner SP C811, Gestetner SP C820, Gestetner SP C821, Gestetner MP 2352, Gestetner MP 2852, Gestetner MP 3352, Gestetner MP C3002, Gestetner MP C3502, Gestetner MP C3003, Gestetner MP C3503, Gestetner MP C4503, Gestetner MP C5503, Gestetner MP C6003, Gestetner MP 2553, Gestetner MP 2554, Gestetner MP 3053, Gestetner MP 3054, Gestetner MP 3353, Gestetner MP 3554, Gestetner MP 4054, Gestetner MP 5054, Gestetner MP 6054, Rex Rotary MP 2851, Rex Rotary MP 3350, Rex Rotary MP 3351, Rex Rotary MP 4001, Rex Rotary MP 5001, Rex Rotary MP C2000, Rex Rotary MP C2800, Rex Rotary MP C3000, Rex Rotary MP C3300, Rex Rotary C811, Rex Rotary C820, Rex Rotary C821, Rex Rotary MP 2352, Rex Rotary MP 2852, Rex Rotary MP 3352, Rex Rotary MP C3002, Rex Rotary MP C3502, Rex Rotary MP C3003, Rex Rotary MP C3503, Rex Rotary MP C4503, Rex Rotary MP C5503, Rex Rotary MP C6003, Rex Rotary MP 2553, Rex Rotary MP 2554, Rex Rotary MP 3053, Rex Rotary MP 3054, Rex Rotary MP 3353, Rex Rotary MP 3554, Rex Rotary MP 4054, Rex Rotary MP 5054, Rex Rotary MP 6054, Infotec MP 2851, Infotec MP 3350, Infotec MP 3351, Infotec MP 4001, Infotec MP 5001, Infotec MP C2000, Infotec MP C2800, Infotec MP C3000, Infotec MP C3300, Infotec SP C811, Infotec SP C820, Infotec SP C821, Infotec MP 2352, Infotec MP 2852, Infotec MP 3352, Infotec MP C3002, Infotec MP C3502, Infotec MP C3003, Infotec MP C3503, Infotec MP C4503, Infotec MP C5503, Infotec MP C6003, Infotec MP 2553, Infotec MP 2554, Infotec MP 3053, Infotec MP 3054, Infotec MP 3353, Infotec MP 3554, Infotec MP 4054, Infotec MP 5054, Infotec MP 6054

Shipping Dimensions (cm) * Desi
( 8,7 x 16,2 x 6,7 ) * 1

Important Information
Please make sure that your model is fully compatible with your device without ordering.

Ricoh MP 2553 Staple Cartridge

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